Clarence F. Birkhead for
Durham County Sheriff

Clarence Birkhead is a law enforcement professional with almost 30 years of experience in both local government and the private sector.  Birkhead received his Master’s Degree in organizational management from Pfeiffer University and completed his Bachelor’s in criminal justice at Shaw University.


for all people
  • Advocate for and contribute to the enrichment of safer neighborhoods, business economic centers, community parks and trails
  • Safeguard the welfare of every county citizen and support the needs of the underrepresented
Creation of
one community
  • Build collaborative networks across all agencies of public safety
  • Pursue opportunities to address quality of life issues throughout our city and county 
in our people
  • Collaborate with public and private partners to expand educational and vocational opportunities for the county
  • Grow a highly trained workforce through advanced professional development to improve retention and enhance community engagement

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